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I want to love my new engine i really do...

Engine ordered on the 17th of March,  wanted to do the 4.99% but engine didn't ship till the 10th of April.  OK I'll just pay it off and take the 10 year warantee so no special rate.  BRP says NOPE no 10 year extended  warantee as it wasn't installed in time.   Here I am on the 20th of April and still no covers (stantard Blue with red stripe) and they have not shipped yet.  Meanwhile I my prefish time for the first tournament of the year closes tomorrow. 


SO BRP  can't deliver and because they can't deliver I can't get their special deals.  Oh and when I call BRP direct Jay tells me to call my Dealer who I have been pestering about all this every other day for 4 weeks and who I have heard on the phone trying to get this fixed for me.


I would like to love my engine but 6 weeks after ordering it I can't use it to love it.


Anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: I want to love my new engine i really do...

I was in a similiar situation for various reasons it took quite a while to get my G2. It was ordered when a promotion was in effect but delivered after it ended. When I got the warrenty card from BRP it listed the non promotion warranty length. I talked to my dealer and there was no issue getting the promotion. In my case I had them list the extended warranty on the bill of sale, don't know if that helped.



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Re: I want to love my new engine i really do...



I am sorry to hear of your situation.


It may be adventageous to email your serial number, dealer name, and an explanation of your circumstances to brp.care@brp.com




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Re: I want to love my new engine i really do...

Will do as soon as I get the serial #

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Re: I want to love my new engine i really do...

Well got the form letter back.  Basically call your dealer. No actual reference to any questions.


didnt even use my name



Good day,

Thank you for taking the time to contact BRP with your concern.

Further to your request, after carefully researching your inquiry, we recommend you contact your local BRP dealership since they will need to contact the parts, warranty or technical department to provide you with an answer to your question.

Please note that in order to provide its consumers premium quality technical support, BRP ensures that its dealers are technically trained and are also provided with a dealer dedicated technical support team, to answer any and all specific diagnostic, warranty, parts and repair questions. These lines are reserved for the dealers only.

Your dealer will need your unit's serial number to do the research. Please mention any modifications made to the unit as well.

To find a dealership in your area, please visit our website at: www.brp.com.
You can click on the ''find a dealer'' tab on the top right corner of the screen. You must select your country at the bottom of the page. Please enter you city or zip code in order to see the closest dealers. You can then click on the logo of the different dealership to get their contact information.

Should you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by replying to this email or call us at 1-844-345-4277.

Once again, thank you for contacting BRP.



i have asked my dealer to have his rep call me asap