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My new 300 ETEC ran flawlessly!

Not that I would expect anything less from my ETEC's, my new 300 performed perfectly this past weekend when my partner, Scott Bogen, and I fished the first LEWT (Lake Erie Walleye Trail) together.  Every spring I am in awe that we ETEC owners do not have to go through the trouble of "breaking in" a motor before we can concentrate on just the fishing.  I heard several Merc owners stating during their prefishing that they were going to go "run around to try and get more break in hours on their motors".  I just smiled and said "You know...if you owned an ETEC you wouldn't have to waste any time doing that". That usually gets them going...Smiley Happy


By the way, Scotty and I placed 6th with 45.66 pounds for 5 fish in that event. It was a super fun day all around. I'm still smiling. Smiley Happy


Thanks Evinrude for making a product I can rely on and be proud to own.




Lake Erie Western Basin



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Re: My new 300 ETEC ran flawlessly!

Glad to hear that you are happy with your E-TEC and congratulations on your in the top ten finish in the tournament.




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Re: My new 300 ETEC ran flawlessly!

I share your excitement Juls!  What I really like about the E-TEC Experience, is being able to winterize the engine myself with just a few minutes at the helm - especially when my boat may go into "storage" 3,4 or even 5 times a year!


Congrats on your awesome finish !!!