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Norcal Freshwater fishing questions klamath river.

Every year my buddies and I do a 10 day camping trip through out northern california, and this year I was hoping to do some fishing. Our plans have shifted due to fires and a few other variables and I will now be visiting a few new spots and the fishing regulations seem to get a little confusing since I don't know the area very well or what waters are anadromous. Also since my freshwater fishing has been limited to mostly trout stream fishing I was wondering what tackle would be recommended for a few spots. spot 1: will be at trinity lake, which I believe is just standard tackle rules, daily bag of 5 for trout and salmon. Going to be fishing from shore and will probably fish my light little trout set up with #4 or #6 flouro and a heavier carolina set up for my friend, and then maybe a borrowed salmon rod with 15#-20# line not sure how ill set this up yet, probably with swim baits or jigs. These were the only rods I had planned on taking unless it's just a bad idea.

spot 2: will be on the salmon river, my buddies been here but I have not and we will be camping right on the river so lots of time to fish. I figured I'd just drift fish this, but do I need salmon and steelhead report cards here, are the waters anadromous? Wish I could give a better description of the location but my buddy is vague and knows the way.

spot 3: smith river, This one is a crap shoot if were going to go to, and I don't know what sections we'd end up in so I will probably just ask about regulations locally if possible. Any Ideas on areas to go or what to fish for?

spot 4: humboldt outside the park, I don't know If I'm going to get any fishing done during this part of the trip, this is normally our wind down from water wholes and day hikes to just relaxing, hiking a few groves, taking warm showers, and getting ready for the return to civilization.

I've read the 15-16 regulations but am somewhat confused by the different waterways referenced/ where everything is. I know this is a lot to ask, but if you took the time to read this thanks.