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Pro fishing spotlight: interview with Janet Parker

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RPM: How did you get into fishing and how long have you been in this field?

JP: My God-Grandmother, Viola Lassiter, started taking me fishing as soon as I began walking at about 18 months old. She would get me and my bag of cloth diapers and we would hit the banks for bass, bluegill and crappie. That was the foundation of my professed addiction! My first professional tournament as a boater was the inaugural event for the Women’s Bassmaster Trail on Lake Lewisville in the fall of 2005.


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RPM: If you weren’t fishing what would you be doing?

JP: Something in the field of Science. I formerly practiced medicine as a Physician’s Assistant. I have a BS in Biology with a Chemistry minor, a BS in Liberal Arts and a teaching certificate; fishing is a lot more rewarding than working in a lab or traditional office. My “office” is in my boat on the water.


RPM: What do you love about fishing?

JP: Fishing offers anything a person could want in an activity. It can be relaxing just waiting for your bobber to get pulled under, exciting when you get the adrenaline rush from filling the “tic-tic” to reeling in the big-one and competitive for  those who wish to go there. Fishing offers something for everyone.


RPM: What is your favorite style of fishing?

JP: I enjoy fishing with soft plastics because I enjoy knowing that I tricked the bass into biting. Reaction bites aren’t quite as satisfying for me; except for top water bites. Having a bucket mouth explode on a top water lure....is hard to beat.


RPM: What is your favorite body of water to fish?

JP: Lake Mille Lacs, near Isle, MN. It has large mouth and small mouth bass. I believe Minnesota is the best kept fishing secret hands-down.


RPM: How do you prepare for a tournament?

JP: I first research the lake on the internet, then I use lake maps to locate areas that I believe should be the most productive given the time of year and water temp. Usually I will pre-fish for 4 to 12 days depending upon my schedule, lake size and expected difficulty of the fishing conditions. The day before the tournament I do not get on the water; I get my rods rigged and boat ready followed by a mandatory manicure and pedicure. I have found coral colors and flowers on my big toes to be the most beneficial for fishing!


RPM: What are some of your fishing goals?

JP: One of my primary goals is to show and inspire women and young girls that they can compete in fishing at any level; from weekend warrior to professional angler. Also, I hope that fathers will realize that their little girls can make great fishing buddies


RPM: So, the biggest news is of course, your recent sponsorship by Evinrude. What made you decide to partner up with an Evinrude E-TEC engine?

JP: I have been with Liddle Marketing Company since 2009. LMC does the Evinrude Ranger TESTRIDE’s. After driving the Ranger Evinrude rig and experiencing the responsiveness of the E-TEC, fuel and oil economy I knew Evinrude was the outboard for me. A major bonus is that Evinrude offers the quietest “stealthy” outboard on the market and it is made in America.


RPM: What’s the favorite feature of your 2011 Evinrude E-TEC 250 H.O.?

JP: Incredibly smooth shifting; you can have a conversation while running or idling, top end speed, low maintenance.


RPM: How does your Evinrude E-TEC complement your Z-520 Ranger Boat?

JP: Because fishing is my career I cannot afford to have “second best” equipment. The quality of the Evinrude surpasses all other outboards. I have unlimited confidence in my Ranger Z-520 and Evinrude E-TEC; I know I will get to weigh-in on time. I do not settle on my equipment and will only run the best. I don’t use equipment I have to; only what I want to.

The Evinrude E-TEC paired with the Ranger Z-520 or Z-521 is truly a “Dream Machine!”


RPM: Is there any special message you would like to say to Evinrude dealers and Evinrude employees?

JP: To Evinrude dealers, your pro-staff are your eyes and ears in the field; please utilize us to grow your business and the Evinrude brand. To Evinrude and its employees “Thank You” for your hard work, manufacturing an excellent product and allowing me into the Evinrude family. It is my promise to you that I will represent Evinrude the best I can and “Thank You” for helping me to live my dream!


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Welcome aboard Janet. Wish you luck in the future.