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Scott Martin's Bass Catching Secrets - The Shad spawn is on......!

Scott Martin Challenge Fishing Tip - In April and May each year the shad make their annual migration to the bank to start spawning...and the bass are right behind them. Shad will use the shallow shorelines, floating docks and grass lines to spawn in and the bass will feed on them each day for the first few hours in the morning. Topwater lures (River2Sea 128 Rover), Spinnerbaits, buzz-baits and shallow running crankbaits are my first choices.


What to look for? First, look around the windy side of the lake. Second, look for seagulls or shore-line wading birds. Third, watch for shad following your lure in. If you find all three of these things...hang on and get ready to catch some bass! Remember this wont happen all day...get out early with your Evinrude E-TEC and cruise around looking for the Shad Spawn. 


Good Luck - Evinrude Pro Scott Martin


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