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Throwback Thursday

The year is 1972 and here I am waterskiing behind our 1961 75HP Evinrude Starflite III. That thing was a workhorse and brought us many seasons of summer enjoyment! Yep—been running Evinrudes for many years.


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Re: Throwback Thursday

This is a great #ThrowBackThursday post!
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Re: Throwback Thursday


Here's my "Throw back Thursday" entry......The year was 1967. This was my first fish at the age of 4...a little crappie. Dad tied a line to the top part of a two piece rod blank. I would find clams on the beach and use the meat inside them for bait when I ran out of worms. I sat on the end of a "T" dock and fished in the corners, where I could watch the bluegills and little crappies go after my bait.

Of course I was too young to drive an evinrude yet. lol  However, Dad worked for Evinrude at the time, so this still counts, I think. Smiley Happy

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