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Tips for catching with lures

The only fish I’ve ever caught was with bait(worms) and I’m trying to get into using lures, but after about a week of trying, no luck. Do you have any tips for getting started with lures.(also, I’m just going for bass right now and maybe a pike) Thanks!

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Re: Tips for catching with lures

Where are you located?  I used to fish bass and pike a lot in Ontario.  We primarily river fished the Grand River in Kitchener and were quite good at nailing up to 5lb smallmouth on a regular basis.  Our go to was the original rapala (2" or 3") in black and gold.  Mepps and panther martins are decent as well.  


In the early morning or evening we'd transition to surface lures - used to use all the Heddon imitations, meadow mouse, crazy crawler, torpedo, etc.  Hulla poppers were fun as well.  That was a long time ago so I'm sure there's new stuff that does the same kind of thing.


If you get into fly fishing, the little surface poppers work well for bass as well.


Pike we always fished deep around the weed beds and deep holes.  I liked anything that looked like a perch and was a deep diver that floats when not cranked.  Another decent setup was a large spinner with a weed skirt and a plastic worm.  Chartruese and bright green seemed to be effective.


Now I'm in BC and still water fly fishing as well as running various spinners and crankbaits on a downrigger.