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Using fly tackle or spinning tackle for trout?

Hello all, I’ve been fishing successfully for more or less 30 years on spinning tackle primarily for large mouth bass and bluegill in the south. As I’ve gotten older I’ve moved away from gotta catch the biggest/most fish to more of the zen of fishing and just enjoying a well executed cast. As I look to broaden my fishing interest I’ve had a lot of friends tell me to give fly fishing a try. I’ve also been more interested in trying trout fishing as opposed to just using live trout as bass bait. Is a fly setup more efficient/productive for trout than spin tackle or is it a matter of opinion? Thanks
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Re: Using fly tackle or spinning tackle for trout?

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To catch trout using spinning gear, select an ultralight or medium weight spinning rod and reel combination to match your conditions. In your given scenario, present bait to the trout in a way that is most natural. shareit