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115 H.O. Ranger RT188 prop recommendation

I’m running a 24 pitch raker 2 and at my best, I’m getting 40-41mph (usually 39).   The rear of the boat seems to be lifting severely and I must trim down significantly to make even a slight turn without a blow out.  I can only go full throttle at just over 1/2 trim, getting right around 5300-5400 rpms.  Anything more and you can hear the blow out with no speed gain.   I do have a 4” jack plate on it as well.  I started with a 21 pitch viper which spun out at 1/2 trim and over revved after hitting 38 or so.  The 24 is better, but I feel like I should be able to run at 5800 without the spin out.  Both got excellent hole shot by the way.


The dealer (1.5 hours away) wants to go back to a 21 and take off the 4” jack plate.  The plate actually helps keep the lines on the rear deck, so I’m thinking of going with a 22 pitch raker 2.


Any help or recommendations would be great!




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Re: 115 H.O. Ranger RT188 prop recommendation


The 22" sounds like a good one to try. Let us know the results and you may have to play with motor heights to fine tune everything.




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Re: 115 H.O. Ranger RT188 prop recommendation

21 rogue 46-47 mph 5700-5800 rpms. The new 2.36:1 gear case likes to run slightly lower.
Whats your water pressure?
I have a Tritonx18, same boat different badge. 3" jack plate all the way down with motor on 3rd hole. Its a lot lower than my old 90 etec was.