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135 HO won't Rev



It's a 135 HO on a 1850 Lund Tyee that was re-powered in 2018.  The motor was propped with a 19 pitch Viper.  I had horrendous left steering torque with the Viper.  Hydraulic steering helped a lot but turning right was still pretty hard.  Max revs with the Viper was 5300 and got 47 mph. good holeshot...horrible handling.


We then tried a 19 pitch Ballistic and that helped the steering torque but would only get 5100 but held the speed at 47 MPH...acted sort of like a 21 pitch, less revs, same speed.  Decent hold shot...much better handling.


Then we tried a 17 pitch Turning Point ...good hole shot and good acceleration to 5000, then took forever to rev to 5400. still got 47 MPH.   Probably took 1/2 a mile to get get the last 400 revs.  Handled okay.  Weird.


The 135 HO is rqted between 5400 and 6000 and everyone is telling me I need to get the revs up into the peak torque range.  When the ice goes away, I plan on trying a 17 pitch Ballistic and that's probably the last prop I'll try.  I want to fish, not test props.  I have thought about trying a 19 or 21 pitch cupped aluminum just for gigles because every prop person pooh poohs the aluminum but that's what was on the old motor and it worked great.  It would be lighter and easier for the motor to turn and yes, I understand about flex.  Yes, the motors were different but they were about the same weight and both have the same gears and the boat hasn't changed.  The original motor was all the ay down on the transom and the initially put the Evinrude up one hole and the Viper would veltillate/cavitate on turns so they lowered it.  


I'm beginning to wonder if the problem is not the prop but rather something with the computer or the fuel injection...like it's not getting full WOT.  All the props have gotten 47 MPH yet none will rev over 5400.  The best handling prop got 47 MPH but only 5100.  The ventillation plate is throwing a little spray on the surface at WOT and full trim but the revs aren't increasing.  The motor is mounted all the way down on the transom.  The boat seems to be riding pretty high on the water with the bow up slightly.  It comes out of the hole fast and accelerates quickly right up to where it quits reving...except for the 17 Turning Point.  I'm very happy with the holeshot with all the props.  The dealer says they've had a significant number of 135 HO re-powers that won't rev so mine isn't the only one.  


I would appreciate any input into the problem.  I would like to see the motor get into the best torque range but if I can't I will live with it.  I'm still very suspicious that the motor is not getting enough fuel or maybe the motor just won't turn the heavy SS props at the top end.  Old motor was a '90 Johnson GT150 and ran a 14 1/4 x 21 aluminum at 5100 rpms and 50 mph.  Like I said, I'm pretty happy overall with it and normally drive it in the 35 to 40 MPH range because the boat rides very well at that speed.  Any ideas, pleas chime in.  Thanks.

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Re: 135 HO won't Rev


Maybe you should raise the motor one or 2 holes and retest the props you have. 19” seems way to big. Start with the 17”

raising the motor is super easy.