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1983 xp 150

I have a 83 XP 150 and Ive been having a problem with it idleing.  When the motor is running at idle I have cycle the choke to keep the engine running while in gear.  This of coarse makes it difficult to leave the dock and also when trying to put back on the trailer. I have no problem at top end, no missing, no popping, just smooth running. I have had it in a shop and all they did was had me spend a bunch of money and not and it didnt do anything but give me a little more top end and some excuses.


Whats been done :

all carbs rebuilt

startor & both power pack installed

compression & de-carb

both fuel pump, all fuel lines replaced,and water seperater added.

Now the next recommendation is to put bigger jets in the carbs.


Does anybody have any ideas because I coudnt figure it thats why I took to a shop but thats just costing me money every time they want to guess the problem.

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Re: 1983 xp 150

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Depending on the internal condition, sometimes making an engine that old to run well takes a bit of doing. Often decarbonizing needs to be done 2 or 3 times to help free up  28 year old carbon-stuck piston rings which affect the idle. Make sure the thermostats and pressure relief valves are operational and that the cylinder heads are each at about 130°F or better for a decent idle. Synchronizing the linkage and timing per the service manual is  super important. Check the carburetor idle tubes for any restrictions or air leakage where  they are pressed into the carb body. Recirculation valves, fittings, and hoses all have to be tested and cleaned or the motor may continue to have idling problems.


If the motor is mounted low in the water at idle, sometimes the fixed idle jets may need to be replaced with smaller or larger sizes depending on the situation.


Since you mention that you have to use the choke, that tells me that there are either air leaks in the intake manifold, reeds, or around carb throttle shafts that wear in the aluminum body, or that the carburetors need to be fully cleaned such as in an ultra-sonic cleaner and the factory carb kits installed.




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