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2 x G2 225 HO boat re-power - failed sea trial - advice please

I have just completed the instalation of twin G2 225HOs on my Boston Whaler they look awesome.


When I placed the order the Evinrude dealer emailed to say that props were included and that based on my boat specifications, I should run 20" or 22" RX4 props.  I went with the 22"s for higher top speed and slightly less torque as the G2s have alot of torque anyway.


At sea trial the maximum WOT RPM was 4750 - 4800.  The installer and the Evinrude dealer both said that the engines were fine and running well but issue of the low RPM was incorect prop pitch.  The installer offered to test the boat with a variety of lower pitch props to make sure the low RPM issue is actually the prop size and get a better idea of pitch size for the engines and boat. 


As only the sea trial was done (and failed), I asked if I could exchange the 22" props for some with a smaller pitch once the installer has a better idea of correct pitch.  The dealer has said that they cannot not exchange the props as they were part of a package and I made the choice between the 20" and the 22".   They also said that I should not run the boat at full throttle or accelerate hard as the boat setup is wrong and could strain and damage the engines.


I am now unsure what to do.  I have two brand new engines with the wrong sized props on my boat and I do not know if I can use it without loosing my warranty, all because the wrong size props have been sold to me by the Evinrude dealer with my engines.


Any advice would be appreciated?


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Re: 2 x G2 225 HO boat re-power - failed sea trial - advice please

If you had choosen the 20 inch prop you would be at about 5200 rpm which is still well below where it should be. To me that says they didn't offer you any valid choice of props. An 18 inch rx-4 would put you in the correct range assuming it was trialed with the typical weight load ect.


IMHO what happened here is unacceptable, the onus is on the dealer to prop the boat properly, i would take this up with Evinrude.


You don't want to run your rig in this state even if warranty would cover future problems. You don't want these issues to occur. period.



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Re: 2 x G2 225 HO boat re-power - failed sea trial - advice please

Have an unemotional discussion with your dealer. Show him the operator's guide where it say the range should be 5400-6000 rpm which requires a different pitch prop set.



If you cannot get satisfaction, try and email with the engine serial numbers, dealer name, and your contact information to  brp.care@brp.com




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Re: 2 x G2 225 HO boat re-power - failed sea trial - advice please

If you end up with the email to BRP, include a copy of th PDI sheet that you should have received at delivery. 

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Re: 2 x G2 225 HO boat re-power - failed sea trial - advice please

Many thanks to you both. Excellent advice.

I hope I can get this resolved without further issue based on your comments and I can start spending some time with those awesome engines.