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2003 Twin 250 FICHT Alarm/Lights at Same Time

Hi! My boat is powered by twin 2003 250HP FICHT motors. Both have approx. 375 Hrs, and few months ago all injectors and both EMM were inspected for issues, they were in good working condition. One motor overheated, which caused the EMM to heat and autoprotect. The reason for overheating was debris in the cooling system, which was solved, and I rearranged the cooling tubes providing cooling water to the fuel cooling canister and to the EMM, now if it gets clogged the EMM will always receive cooling water.


Anyways, it has been working in order, but today after I got away from the dock, and accelarated to 3500 RPM, after 2-3 mins both engine alarms and System Ck warning lights triggered. I desaccelerated to idle and the alarm and lights turned off and I was able to get to destination (short trip) basically idling. Coming back to the dock, same thing happened, but this time the alarm would go off even at idle, after 2-3 minutes of operation. So, since it was a short trip, I alternated between motors.


I have the diagnostics program and EMM to PC cable, but not with me right now. Anyone been through this? It happens after 2-3 mins operation and at both motors at the same time. This week new batteries were installed, and terminal cleaned, plus both motors were thoroughly flushed. Water output from cooling system is a strong stream, as impellers are fairly new.


Any ideas on what to look for are welcomed. 

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Re: 2003 Twin 250 FICHT Alarm/Lights at Same Time

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If the engines overheated, the HOT or TEMP lights would come on and the motor would slow to about 2500 rpm. 


The CHECK ENGINE light does not illuminate for engine overheat conditions. It will light up for WMM overheat,  water in the fuel filter, sensor abnormalities, and electrical problems.  You will need to access the error codes with the laptop to find out why the CHECK ENGINE light came on. Because  you state that both CHECK ENGINE lights came on, it may have something to do with the batteries, connections, cables, or wiring harnesses.




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