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2005 etec 225 losing and gaining RPM

I have a 2005 etec 225 serial number 05089630  model E225DPXSO. I have changed the cables  and I have twin engines only one is giving me this problem. From around 1800 to 3800 RPM it's very touchy and wants to slow down or if I just dump the throttle it may jump way up in RPMs. At 3800 it will stay right there.It's not like it just slowly goes up and down. My throttle doesn't apprear to be slipping. I even tried wedging the throttle on the control box so that it couldn't slip. that's not the problem. The engine runs great at all RPMs but getting it stay at one RPM between 1800 to 3800 is very hard.If I hit a wave after I finally get it to stay at one RPM it will drop. What could be the problem/ Thanks