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2006 ETEC 90HP no oil light

Hello everyone,, The boat has had no problems for a long time. I run it a lot. The other day we got ready to leave a fishing spot and the no oil light illuminated in the tach indicator. I added some oil just in case but there was not a low oil light only the no oil. For some reason I ran the tilt all the way up and down and it looked like it was going to clear but it came right back after a second. Ive got it home and I can't get it to clear. I idled back to the dock. I'm sure it would have limited me to 1500 RPMs but I saw no value in testing that. There are tiny air bubbles in the oil lines that you can barely see. They do let me watch the oild flow when I try to purge the system. All three lines are running oil but the light never goes out. In the diagnostics I get oil frequency .7hz Galperhr .003 Pulse Width 81 ms and no missed pulses. I don't know what to do. I don't want to damage my engine.
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Re: 2006 ETEC 90HP no oil light

You should post in etec owners group.
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Re: 2006 ETEC 90HP no oil light

Has this engine been serviced by approved E-TEC dealer lately?


There were some updates to your model oil pump back in the days, allthough if pump was ever changed, it would be superseded to a new impoved design.  


Dealer is needed to upgrade EMM in both cases.

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Re: 2006 ETEC 90HP no oil light

Your oil data looks correct.
Was there a no oil code set?
There is a possibility that a grounded sensor wire or faulty tach could turn on the no oil light.
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Re: 2006 ETEC 90HP no oil light



In 2008 Evinrude changed the oil pump design to eliminate the false code 38 NO OIL warnings.


Your dealer can find the information about the new oil pump kit in the 2008 Service Update Book



40 – 90 HP Models, 2007 and Older
What's different: Service oil pump assembly does not use an oil pressure feedback
switch, and a requires an engine management software update.
Why: Two new kits have been developed to reduce false Code 38 faults.

Service kits:
• 40 – 60 HP models, P/N 5007476.
• 75 – 90 HP models, P/N 5007477.

Kit contents: Oil pump and manifold assembly, replacement seal, new clamp
and software CD.

IMPORTANT: The Inline Engine Oil System Service Update software provided
with these kits (InlineOilUpdate.exe) MUST be installed with the new oil manifold.




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