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2008 60HP etec hard to start when hot and dies out

Hi guys

   i recently purchased a 2008 60HP etec on CL and put in on  my boat. Went for a shake down out side of Hilo HI windward side of island and for the first hour no issues. I turned off the motor in the bay and noticed it was really hard to start up again while motor was hot. Cranks a long time then after about 5 or 6 cranks @ 8 seconds each it runs again. ( no beeps or lights on tach) however they do pass self test once engine online.  I didnt think much of it then but that was all i noticed off with the motor.


      So yesterday I went on my first fishing trip and trolled for about 30 Nautical miles worth. On way in I decided to hug the cliffs and troll for some  Wahoo. Wind started ripping and water was pumping. All of a sudden motor sputtered and quit.  ( I do have a kicker on board ) but decided to crank and start. After squeezing bulb and trying to start it finally did but that happened with more frequency untill I got in the safety of the break wall... motor cut out at least 4 more times on way in...


So out of the water i put muffs on ran on fresh water rinse and she runs perfect out of water... I  put myself in a dangerous position with that motor cutting out when and where it did. Any suggestions?


What I'm going to try.


1. vacuum leak check all fuel delivery lines

2. check integrity of lifting pump


I dont know much more on the injectors or the vapor fuel pump ( electronic one )


I would appreciate any feedback





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Re: 2008 60HP etec hard to start when hot and dies out

You may want a dealer to check the motor over. One test should be for adequate fuel pressure after running for a while. Sometimes the problem is a vapor-lock type of condition or it may be related to fuel delivery or one of the pumps. A vacuum test of the boat's fuel system and using clear fuel line to observe any bubbles in the gas is another worthwhile test.




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