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2008 etec 115 stalling issue

I have a 2008 etec 115 that stalls when putting it in gear.....it happens every time...i have tried changing plugs  (85.00) and no difference rpm is where the book says it should be


I am getting no codes and the engine starts right back up ..anyone have an Idea what might be causing it?

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Re: 2008 etec 115 stalling issue

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Your engine is now 5 years old. We hope that you had at least the 3 year required servicing done by an authorized dealer.


Part of that service should be uploading the latest software for your motor if needed, cleaning out the exhaust sensor tube and restrictor, checking compression and a leakdown test of the cylinders, adjusting and calibrating the linkage and throttle position sensor, checking engine system voltage and battery charging voltage, etc. If items were not done or done incorrectly, the engine may not run the way it was designed and may stall at times.


Your $85 sparkplug cost seems very high as your motor only needs 4 plugs and they are not $21.25 apiece but quite a bit less than that.


If the motor has had issues of not reaching the proper temperature carbon may have built up inside the engine and the muffler system. Decarbonizing the engine with Evinrude Engine Tuner often helps in those situations. Engine idle temperature has to in the 150°-160° range on each cylinderhead or the cooling system needs servicing.


Talk with a trained technician about the above mentioned items or possibly find a different dealer if needed.


What is your top rpm with a normal load ?


Is the idle relidf hole several inches above the waterline when you are starting the engine and is the enigne trimmed down?




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