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2012 200 Etec please help! Overheating

Good Morning Fam! Guys I was having overheating issues whenever I would go anywhere close to 1k rmps. And even when I’d go close to WOT. But if i cruised around at middle range Rpms i was fine..

So i ended up replacing the thermostats and the water pump.
On removal of starboard therm I noticed when I pulled it out the small metal disc on the bottom was missing like it rusted off. Not sure if that’s what’s causing my issues or not. Also i replaced the Whole water pump.

Now Even in neutral it’s sitting at 180°, when I idle it wants to over heat, if i go to 1k rpm it starts to drop. Anything more than that it wants to overheat now... I can’t even cruise around at mid range like before. Soon as I’m up on plane it start to get up to 185° and starts throwing an overheating alarm.
Wonder if i should replace the Water pressure release valve? Not sure what to do now.