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2014 25hp E-tec problems

Hello everyone,,

As background, I have been using Evinrude/Johnson outboards for very close to 50 years, so obviously have been a satisfied customer. I took delivery of a new 25hp E-Tec Sept. 2014, with the primary use as a duck hunting motor, used about 3 months a year. I live in the midwest, so 10% etenol is a way of life, and use the dealer recommended blue Sta-Bil in every fillup. I use the premium XD100 oil, preform the winterization procedure before storing. I have been very happy with literally everything about the motor, but in Nov. of last year the motor went into the limp mode from overheating when traveling to the duck blind. My situation forced me to idle the motor to the blind, but was able to have it towed to the ramp and took it to an authorized service dealer. The dealer called and informed me the impeller had completely disintegrated and the thermostat plunger had melted. The shop replaced the impeller and plunger valve. After seeing the parts that were replaced, I started doing some research and found this might be a common problem and that there was a Service Bulletin No. 2012-03(s) issued.  My requests to have the diagnosis of the engine, and explanation of the repair were never answered by the servicing dealer. The motor did seem to run as good as always though after the repair. I am/was aware of the service required after 3 years of use and had planned on having it done. After the season ended the motor was winterized and stored until returning it to use in Sept  of this year. The motor started and ran great, but after about 2 minutes of run time it suddenly slowed to an idle, as if it were running out of fuel, but it has never stopped running. I put it in neutral and after a few seconds it would run as if nothing were wrong. The boat continues to do this every outing, we travel the same route and this occurs at exactly the same distance and behaves the same everytime. The gas tank appears to be functions as it's supposed to, I tried a new OMC fuel line, but the problem still exists. Any suggestions or help would certainly be appreciated, although I'm definiting finding a different dealer to have it addressed. The motor is still under warranty, model E25DTEAB, serial # 05386439. I had attempted to insert a photo of the damaged impeller and thermostat plunger with obviously no success. It is duck season, I need this motor to be dependable and in service everyday. Disappointed would be an understatement, not used to having motor problems..

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Re: 2014 25hp E-tec problems

Evinrude 2+4 is the recommended fuel stabilizer. Seeing your 3 year service is overdue, get it done and post an engine report for here for inspection. Of course let the Dealer know about the cut-downs.