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2014 300 Etec it just doesn't end.

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I have been an Evinrude fan for many years.  However, this piece of crap motor I have now, OMG I'm so done!  I've been towed in 3 times, new powerhead and other electronic part malfunctions already repaired.  Now the power tilt and trim is shot.  Tried the manual release and couldn't budge the motor.  I was lucky to get it home on the trailer since I'm only a block from the ramp, but no way I can get it to the shop.  Today I climb up in the boat to see if it would maybe go up.  When I turn the key on, the **bleep** motor just starts up by itself and would not shut off.  I'm running around to get water going into the motor.  I pull the safety lanyard off, shut off the batteries and it's still running.  I pull the cover off the motor and pull the main fuse and it's still running, finally it just shuts off and everything seems back to normal except the trim?   Now how in the hell do I get it to the shop?  I'm ready to trade this thing for an 89 Mariner as it would be about the same headache.  So much money spent on a motor to waste my time at the shop.  Evinrude please advise!!  Repairs so far have been completed by River Watch Marina in Palm City, Florida



Not a happy customer,


Gene O’Neil




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Re: 2014 300 Etec it just doesn't end.

Mr. Oneil. I have found that many owners open the manual release only one turn or so and do not unscrew it fully until it hits the stop ring.
Sounds like there could be some electrical problems causing the tilt motor to not work. I can understand your frustrations after having 2 warranty claims in 3 years.
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Re: 2014 300 Etec it just doesn't end.



Mr. O'Neil.


We are sorry to hear of your frustrations with an Evinrude E-TEC outboard. Please email the serial number. dealer name, and a history of the motor to  brp.care@brp.com .  They will look into your situation and advise.




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