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2015 E TEC 200 (Lemon or Lemonaide, you decide)

Here is the deal. 


I bought a 20' shallow draft TranSport (local coastal TX boat manufacturer) without motor just to have an OMC product on the transom.  2015 E-TEC 200 purchased at OMC authorized dealer in Hitchcock TX who recently has closed doors after 30 years..  Keith the mechanic has always been my mechanic and I got personal first in first out service, thus I wanted to continue to support that small OMC dealer and remain under the care of Keith the mechanic.


I fish 100 days a year, own a 20 employee company that I work a minimum of 50-60 hours a week, and have an inoperable cancer that I have learned to live with.  I share the latter because time has taken on a different meaning with such an uncertain future (but do not feel sorry for me, I plan on outliving you all, and besides, I know whose I am and where i am going).  Still between work and family, and my passion for fishing, I don't have the time to waste with all the continuous boat problems.  I have never seen anything like this.  Today I still have my health, and I am ready to go fishing this afternoon, But instead it is back to the shop on an otherwise nice fishing day!


In 3 years, we have had 2 lower units replaced, (the first one returned within a week of purchase...and I have not mistreated or hit any obstruction!), tilt trim motor recently replaced as motor housing, not seal leaked. We replaced a faulty alarm horn that would go off for no reason.  Had overheating problem in which factory had to be consulted and it was recommended that something under the cowling be removed to better draft hot air and create a more favorable operating ambient temperature inside cowling.  And to top it off, 3 weeks ago I paid $700.00 for tow services as my boat died on a Sunday afternoon fishing trip.  It was learned that all fly wheel mounting bolts were sheared off... in 30 years of my new mechanics experience (Acies Outboard Services), not once had he experienced or even heard of a fly wheel completely shearing away from the mounting bolts of any OMC product, or any other brand for that fact.  Starter and an item or two also had to be replaced because when the flywheel sheared away, it damaged other items under cowling. And there have been other things that I just cannot remember , items repaired under warranty. Add just yesterday, I am now getting what seems to be an electrical surge problem.  So it back to shop, a shop that has a 5 week waiting list, and I will do my best to plead my case that I need boat looked at once.


In 15 years running a Johnson Ocean Pro 150, I seldom needed much time in shop except for occasional maintenance .  Now I have "the motor from hell".


I have a 7 year warranty but warranty is now becoming meaningless because I have more money than time.  And I am frustrated and sick and tired of the continuous down time associated with this motor.  I take care of things, I am almost **bleep** about maintenance and condition.  And I am just ready to sell this motor and get a Yamaha as Acie can provide service on that brand, but that really sickens me as I want to run an American made motor, (OK at least a CanAm motor).  But it has about come to that.  Maybe it is better to take my losses.  Time is too short for all this drama, unreliability, and frustration.  There is wisdom in the statement:

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."


I write this letter because #1 it is fact.  And #2 (most importantly) I am hoping that some big shot at OMC will call Acies in DIckinson,TX and plead my case that I should be given preferencial treatment in dealing with my sevice issues at once, seeing how that my boat motor was just returned "repaired" just two(2) weeks ago on an unrelated motor issue.



 People and feloow E-Tech owners, I am somehow sure that the motor I have is not indicative of the OMC E-Tech motor lineup at all...Heck, I have always been a loyal OMC customer and would never think of running anything but a Johnson/Evinrude product.  But that is not the case today.


Factory boys, I want one of you to call Acies in Dickinson and tell them to get me in and out quick. I have chemo in am but can arrange my shop to drop boat off at once.  But like it or not, you corporate boys need to know that I am feeling bewidered and frustrated at the unreliability of your product, and the least thing you can do is call Acie on my behalf and set the table for me to get immediate service.  I deserve better than a waiting line, and Acie is not at fault, and will probably work with me regradless.  But I am expecting you to immediatley grease the wheels for me.


I can probably take your call tomorrow am or any other time you wish.  If not, it will be onlky minutes befoire I retrn your call so leave a phone number if you want to chat.  (281) 908-7198.




Mike Carlton












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Re: 2015 E TEC 200 (Lemon or Lemonaide, you decide)

Good luck, Mike. I understand and respect your thoughts. With time more precious than money, I'd swap it out for another brand and sell the ETEC... and i say that with a sweet running evinrude running on mine right now.
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Re: 2015 E TEC 200 (Lemon or Lemonaide, you decide)



We are sorry to hear about both of your situations, Evinrude related and personal related.

Please send an email with the engine serial number, dealer name and location, and a brief history of the motor to http://www.brp.com/en/forms/contact-us.html  and they will look into it.




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