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2016 115Hp Etec occasional miss in engine

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Hi All


First post and have a question in regards to my new Etec 115hp.



1. So i have about a two dozen or so trips in the boat now and after a quick run across Jarvis bay and into Myall river (4Knt zone) the Etec when just ideling along would miss fire every now and then, not constant but enough for me to be concerned. I took it back out the next day and it ran fine, good top end and no issues when putting along.

The following day the miss fire returned.

Took it back to selling dealer, they found the injectors were slightly blocked (Cleaned and refitted) and the plugs were fouled, replaced all done under warranty. I also noted it was using a bit of oil, or more than i expected, this seems to have stopped after the dealer fixed it.


Since then i have used to boat 3 more times, twice runing up Syd Harbour (Rydalmere to Clifton Gardens) and once towing the tube with the kids for half a day in Port Stevens.


Yesterday when i came home from another run up the harbour as i pulled back to the ramp it had a big miss after going from WOT to Idle.

I only use BP 98 and have only used the same BP each time as its round the corner from home and had its tanks and shop updated 2yrs ago. I havent pumped some fuel into a glass jar to see if it has water or dirt, but being a brand new boat i expect the tank is sealed correctly and hope BP has good fuel and tanks

I use the dealer supplier XD100 oil.


Q: Do i need to fit a better fuel filter as i only have the one fitted by Telwater, is it worth getting a clear one so i can see the fuel as the dealer blames the fuel im using, but my cars (x2) and motor bike also use this servo and have no issues.




i will be taking the boat out again this weekend and will see if the miss is back regularly or wether this was just a cough after WOT straight to Idle.

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Re: 2016 115Hp Etec occasional miss in engine



If the dealer had to clean the injectors on a new engine, then the debris came from the boat's fuel system. This is common if an older boat was repowered with a new engine and the system was not inspected or flushed out. What condition are the inside walls of the fuel lines and the insides of the fuel tank, especially if it is aluminim?


I do not know what make or type of filter is in the boat, but if it is either a BRP Evinrude filter or the Mercury/Yamaha/Sierra type of spin on fuel-water separator, you can purchase a kit from Racor that includes a 10 micron filter and a see-through bowl with a drain. That way you can monitor the fuel quality and for any signs of water intrusion.




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