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2016 25HP Tilt Problem

I thought I would reach out to some fellow etec owners.  I have had mine for right at a year and it has been running great.  The problems I've had thus far are minimal but I would like to fix if possible. Keep in mind this is not electric tilt, this is 100% manual. 


#1:  I recently tried to tilt my motor up completely (not in shallow water drive but the next notch to where the motor is nearly sitting horizontal) but it will not go up all the way.  It's as if the Stop Link is not able to slide all the way up the Stop Link Screws.  I unbolted the Stop Link Screws and the motor was able to go up freely.  Once I re-installed the Stop Link Screws, the same problem existed.  This feature worked previously, I am unsure what the cause of this is. 


#2:  With the tilt/run lever in the TILT position the tilt support bracket does not automatically engage as it should.  I have to bend down and use my hand to adjust the bracket.  This should be spring loaded and engage on its own. 


Thanks for any and all input!