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25HP ETEC Tiller Problem

I had an accident and broke the tiller handle of my 2009 25HP ETEC engine. I had to replace the upper half of the plastic housing that has the extension that the throttle handle rides on. In the repair manual it shows one long slot for the throttle cable to slide in, but on the replacement part I got there is a bar in the middle dividing the slot in two. This prevents the throttle from twisting more than halfway. Am I supposed to cut the plastic bar out of the way to make one long continuous slot? Is this a oversight in the manufacture of this replacement part? Does anybody know about  this repair for sure?

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Re: 25HP ETEC Tiller Problem

What is the model number of your motor and what is the part number of piece in question?




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Re: 25HP ETEC Tiller Problem

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Take a look at the image below:


This image shows the correct routing for the throttle cable.

Make sure the "barrel" of the throttle cable (marked #1) is in place against the end of the housing as shown.


Install the idle speed adjustment switch and bracket in place with three screws (location marked #2). This will keep the idle speed switch and the "barrel" in place. If the barrel is allowed to move out of its position, it can cause the same half-throttle symptom.


There are a four areas that plastic flashing could be a problem (marked #3). Make sure the throttle cable is routed between the screw bosses that retain the shifter assembly (arrow head).


If plastic flashing is obstructing any of these areas, carefully remove the flashing with appropriate tools.


Hope this helps.




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