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40 HP E-tec 2015 broken steering shaft assy - a hard fix?

Hello everyone,


somehow i missed this when I was looking at a rib to purchase. I feel like an idiot now, but the steering shaft seems to be broken or the bearing that holds it in centerline is gone because the entire power head is free to rotate within the cylinder. I will attach a video if i can or provide a link to it and some still from the video.


I am a fairly competent mechanic and have just briefly read through the manual for powerhead removal, I have done it on a 25 hp tiller, but would this 40 e tec be alot more challenging?


I got a good deal on the boat so im not to worried about parts but just want to make sure it is something that I can do.


Hopefully the power head would not need to be removed but i have a feeling it would be necessary to access the bolts.


Im not sure how this could have happened as the engine is 2015 but here in the US virgin islands salt can take a toll quick without proper care.


Thank you for any and all advice.