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90 HP 2006 Etec starting issue

I have a 2006 Etec 90. Using about 16' of 4 gauge cable, if the batteries are not FULLY charged, I have a battery switch, and can use a trolling motor battery, or starting battery or both for starting, it is not a battery issue. I will get the, pardon the sound effect, rr rr rr of the starter motor, maybe 1 or two revolutions, of the starter each, than if the ambient temperature is warm starter will give several revolutions then the engine will start, Once the engine is warm I will not have any problems throughout the day. When I get the 1 or 2 revolutions from the starter it will get very warm, even hot. The voltage drop between the battery in the center console and the starter lug is small. Starter problem? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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Re: 90 HP 2006 Etec starting issue

- Minimum battery requirement is 800 Cold Cranking Amp (1000 MCA) 107 amp-hr when the outboard is used below 32° F / 0° C (Yeah, I know you said it's not a battery problem...).

- Make sure battery cable connections are clean (no corrosion), and tight. Wing nuts must NOT be used to connect battery cables to the battery. The requirement calls for hex nuts with lock washers.

- Lastly, 4 gauge cable is too small for a 16 ft. run. The Evinrude Installation Guide calls for 1 gauge battery cables if the run is 16 to 20 ft. The 4 gauge cable is recommended ONLY up to 10 ft.


You alluded to something about temperature too, so:

 - If the outboard will be operated in temperatures below freezing (32°F, 0°C), use Evinrude/Johnson

 - Check the "specific gravity" of each cell in the battery or have the battery "load tested" by your dealer. A bad cell in the battery can cause hard starting in colder weather.

 - You said the voltage drop between the battery and starter lug is "small". How small? 0.25 V, 0.7 V?? A voltage drop test is outlined in the service manual. This test checks each "leg" of the circuit to determine if / where in the starting circuit a specific problem might be.


I'm not saying you don't have a starter issue, but if you're using 4 ga. battery cable to go 16 ft, you definately have a battery cable problem...



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Re: 90 HP 2006 Etec starting issue

Thanks, I will do some testing, and post.