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Any Carolina Skiff 238 DLV owners here with a E-tec 150, wanna talk props

 I have the SSP 15 on my rig but loaded up and trimmed out I get past 6,000 RPM's and hold the throttle back to keep the rev's down. If I trim all the way down full throtle is 5900 RPM's give or take but if I trim up I have to pull back on the throttle. The hole shot is brutal and I get zero blow out or such. I am getting about 38 MPH with this set up but feel I could do better but the skiff is no race boat and speed is not a concern.  I am thinking of a Rebel 15 pitch to get RPM's at 5800 trimmed out with a better cruise speed.


 My EMM shows I have had a max of 6.083 RPM's for a few seconds but mostly the majority of max is 5,800 from pulling throottle to 85% on I-command. I thought about keeping it and using throttle to control RPM's since I know I am not lugging it. Wanna speak with othe 238r DLV owners. Thanks

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Re: Any Carolina Skiff 238 DLV owners here with a E-tec 150, wanna talk props

From your specs, I would agree with you on trying the 15" pitch Rebel prop. You may pick up a bit more speed as a bonus and you will improve your cruising speed and fuel economy.


Let us know the results.




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Re: Any Carolina Skiff 238 DLV owners here with a E-tec 150, wanna talk props

I have a 1999 carolina skiff 238. What size stainless steel prop and pitch. I have a Honda 130. Couldn't find any numbers on my older 3 blade stainless steel. Any help appreciated