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Brand New ETec 115, no oil light and massive oil leaking

Ok, my GF bought a new 19 Shoalwater with etec 115. Picked up today from dealer took to water. She backed off trailer and I parked the car. When I walked up to the dock to get in she said the “no oil” light was on. Boat had been running less than 2 minutes.

Turned off and back on, big oil smoke, an initial knock in engine and the no oil light came in in less than 30 seconds. Tried two more time with same results, then put boat back on trailer.

When got back to my house and parked boat, lower engine to flush, and oil POURED out of exhaust ports and prop hub. Not just a little, like about a pint.

Washed off driveway, she’s upset, went to dinner. When we got back, about another half pint of oil on driveway. Put some cardboard down and I just checked 30 minutes ago and more oil has leaked out.

Total time on brand new engine, less than 5 minutes. I’ve heard about air in lines, or rigger forgetting to remove oil clamp - but she is VERY VERY upset.

Concerned engine has been damaged or more serious problem. Taking back to dealer and she is talking about demanding a new engine, or take off the ETec and put a Yamaha on. Can’t say I blame her, never seen so much oil come out of an engine without it being blown or serious block issues.

Looking for possible causes, how to asses damage, and advice.

Wish I could post pics.
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Re: Brand New ETec 115, no oil light and massive oil leaking

Bleeding a 115 requires oil sensor removal. If not refitted properly or fallen out could cause symptoms you describe.
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Re: Brand New ETec 115, no oil light and massive oil leaking



The nice thing about this site is that you do not have to retype and post  multiple questions here to get an anwer. 

Refer to your other posting for our answer to your issue.  Thank you.




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Re: Brand New ETec 115, no oil light and massive oil leaking

I’d highly recommend trading her off and simply figuring out the no oil warning. It’ll be better for you in the long run.