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Can an 0394486 Control Assembly be used on 03 225 motor



I was curious if my old control box P/N 0394486  from an 84 235 xflow would work for my new (to me) 03 225 HO. I am sure the key would need to be replaced as it doesn't have a fuel priming solenoid. Do they make harness adaptors from the Red style plug to the newer gen system harness?


Looking at getting a new tach with the system tech lights and replacing the oil tank with a newer model oil tank with return.


Hoping to keep the the old contol box for awhile to keep my re-power costs down. The control box is in good shape and works well. I would like to get another season or more out of it if I can.


My control setup currently also has a dual throttle cable set up I would like to keep. It has a hot foot as well as the throttle on the control box., suspect there is a Y throttle cable splitter somewhere.


I know boat means break out another thousand but was curious if anyone has done this or am I the first cheap guy to ask Smiley Very Happy



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Re: Can an 0394486 Control Assembly be used on 03 225 motor

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I did some searching and I found a solution, not sure its really any cheaper than a new controller and harness but this is an adapter kit #, 176345


Here is how I found it:


Shop Evinrude

 "Parts” Tab
select "OB Accessories" in the pull down menu on the Upper R.H. Corner
select "2001-2004 folder"
select "Electrical System folder
select subfolder "Engine Cable Adapter Kit - 95 Boat to 99 Engine System Check"

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Re: Can an 0394486 Control Assembly be used on 03 225 motor

the 176345 adapter kit retails for $399. Talk to your dealer about the cost of a new wiring harness and keyswitch assembly. The kit comes with an oil tank pickup but with the age of your original tank, it would be best to buy a new one. You still need the System Check tach or gauge




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