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Chip out of Lower Unit by Prop

Hello all,


I learned a lesson recently. I checked my lower unit oil and it was milky green. So, I knew water was likely getting into it. I just moved to Alabama so didn't know where to take it. I called a friend and he recommended a guy (NOT a licensed dealer). He said the only shop that works on evinrudes is far away, will charge a lot, and will take weeks to get it done. It seemed like a no brainer to take it to this guy. Well yesterday the guy calls me and says "I can't get it apart and I chipped a piece of your lower unit off in the process but it won't hurt nothin." I drove out and got it and took it to the licensed evinrude service dealer. I told them about the lower unit oil and the chip in the unit. I told them to tell me if the chip will be a problem or not. 

chipped lower unit.jpg

chipped lower unit 2.jpg

My question is: based on these pictures, will this chip be a problem? He tried to glue it back on (orange glue) but I don't think that will do anything. It looks like there is no seal there or anything so I don't think it will be a problem. I just wanted to know what you guys think before the dealer tells me I need a brand new lower unit.


Thanks in advance for your help. I learned my lesson. Licensed dealers only from here on out. 

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Re: Chip out of Lower Unit by Prop



I have seen that type of chip before when someone is trying to pry on the bearing carrier or even when trying to remove a stuck prop thrust washer.

Talk to a welder who specializes in aluminum. It is very possible to V-notch and tack the piece back on, smooth it over and repaint.


Unless the propshaft bearing carrier o-ring is leaking, most complete dealers have the Evinrude special tool that removes and replaces the propshaft seals without removing the carrier.




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