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Class Action Lawsuit Time

Charter business almost Lost by this motor.
I bought a 2018 g2 high output 250 to run on my charter boat. HUGE MISTAKE!! Worst mistake of my life. Loosing Memorial Day weekend (4500$) in trips, July 4th weekend 2020, 3700$, two weeks last August 11,000$, plus many other weeks and weeks for steering repairs, kits and you name it’s. Plain and simple.
After spending 30k to buy this motor I have had to spend 15,000$ to keep it barely running. Evinrude has spent nearly 40k (warranty and good will) on top of what I was charged. The service department just charged me 1300 for diagnostic hours, no fix. There is nobody to call at Evinrude. They took our money and ran. We were the Ginny pigs and now the left is hanging.
In 2000 hours in two years I have been towed in with a charter 10 times. Talk about embarrassing!! Pulled in in front of the whole fleet of charters (my peers) Is deplorable, unethical and there will be a class action lawsuit for sure. I will gladly be a strong part of this.
Try going all in on a business dream, then hide your motor issues from the public, (we have 6000+) followers who haven’t heard one thing publicly about this tragic purchase and BRP needs to be publicly called out. It’s bad for my business to have taken so many lives in my hands with a POS motor.
I’ve never seen a new Yamaha, Suzuki, mercury or any new motor being towed in all the time and at every shop. By the way the resale value on these motors is NOTHING!! I’ve spoken to many motor buyers and sellers up and down the east coast, nobody wants em. I don’t blame them. What do you say to that Bill??
Extremely used Captain Bill in Virginia Beach. Playin Hookey Charters.
I had to take this motor off my boat after only 2 years and am going with a Yamaha 300. Who cares how good Evinrude customer service WAS, if you loose one weekend a month, and keep embarrassing yourself and company. Even with every penny back in my pocket 45k for one motor that I changed plugs every 2000 hours and filters at 50 and 100, this motor is Defective, and the agony and embarrassment will take years to get past mentally. I can’t list all of the issues The motor had, including obvious manufacturing defects. I’m not a typist with 20 pages. New power head, and lower unit. New collar, new fuel pump, 5 water pumps, head job (reseal) missing o-rings. New starter, capacitors, spark plug wires, power steering only worked for 200 hours then manual since.
757-619-3530 anybody need to verify their case using mine, for a lawsuit. I will be a big part of that lawsuit.
Mercury should hire me to tell them all the motors flaws when they remake the technology and sell it in the future. With an actual hood cover, not stupid panels.
Captain Bill in Virginia Beach. Playin Hookey Charters
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Re: Class Action Lawsuit Time

On the bright side, at least you didn't buy twins.  Who was your dealer, Lynnehaven?  How is the Yammaha working out?


People talk crap about Mercurys I run but I never had any real problems with them like you described.

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Re: Class Action Lawsuit Time

PHCVB I’m in the same situation I don’t run charters but I have fewer hours but probably about the same % of time being towed back. I haven’t been out of sight of land as I can’t trust when it’s going to have an issue. Has anyone explored a lawsuit? I’d love to get even a percentage of the 30k back for this mistake.
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Re: Class Action Lawsuit Time

I have the same engine initially I had 2 powerhead  replaced but it was a rigging problem with the fuel supply. After we discovered it the engine has been running flawlessly. I was going to sell it with one more year warranty left however now I am just going to run it until it is not worth fixing. Dread the day I have to hang a 4 stroke on my transom. I have buddies with yamies and suzukies, their complaint is that it takes for ever to get parts. One of my guide friends has been waiting for parts over 30 days. There is only one good motor and that's the one that runs.


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Re: Class Action Lawsuit Time

Is there a lawsuit being organized?  They should not get away with this.  I have 4 of them on small tour boats and they are killing my business.  I'm already looking for an attorney.  Anyone else?  We should definitely unite for this to make sure we can hold them accountable.