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Coming out of safe mode after Low-No oil alarm

I have an etec g2 250 ho. I have about 30 hrs on the engine. I only have the on engine oil tank. I took it out and not too long after I was out, I got a low oil alarm and instantly a no oil alarm and it went into safe mode.  I had not been watching the oil level on the guage, but saw that it showed none. I turned the engine off, pulled the cap on the oil fill and looked inside. It looked empty. I added what oil I had on the boat which was about a quart. I was originally given xd-100 from the dealership and so I am assuming that that was what it was programmed for. After adding the oil, I turned ignition on and at first the guage did not show any oil on the guage. I turned it off and then on again and when I started the engine, the guage showed some oil.. probably relevant amount to what I put in. The low oil alarm still keeps popping up and the engine would not come out of safe mode. I called the dealer while I was out and he said that if there is oil in there, it will be pumping it. I did multiple off-on cycles with the ignition, that did not seem to clear it. The dealer seemed to think that maybe I needed to add more oil or fill it to clear the safe mode. I limped back to the dock. This was two days ago.. I have since bought more oil and am planning on going to the boat and topping the oil off and hoping that clears the safe mode. 


Has anyone else experienced safe mode from no oil alarm and did you have to completely fill it to clear it? 


It just seems odd to me that the guage shows oil, there is oil in the tank, but it is still in safe mode. Weird to me that it wouldn't clear the code after some oil was added. 


Any thoughts or experiences, ideas, etc, please let me know. 



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Re: Coming out of safe mode after Low-No oil alarm

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Have your dealer check the oil level sender and switch as it could have dislodged or gotten jammed giving you false signals. When you add oil, it does not read instantly like a fuel gauge.




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Re: Coming out of safe mode after Low-No oil alarm

In order to get rid of the fault, you need to add enough oil to the tank to get the low oil switch to not be active. (Low oil switch not the level sender).  This would take around 25% fill of the tank to achieve this.


Either you did not add enough oil to satisy the low oil switch or the switch is hung up in the low position and needs to be freed.

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Re: Coming out of safe mode after Low-No oil alarm

I went down to the boat yesterday.... topped the oil resevoir off. Based on some other recomendations as far as priming the pump after getting the "no oil" alarm, I did a self winterize cycle. When I did this, everything was ok. 


One thing that still bugs me is that I had got the "low oil" and then instantly the "no oil" alarms. I had not been paying attention to the oil level guage,, It is on my radar now and I will also be keeping a full gallon spare on the boat. 


Thank you for your guys responses and input.