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Difference between E-Tech and Mercury Pro Xs 150

I am trying to decide between an E-Tech 150 and Mercury 150 ProXs. I have read reviews on the ETech and feel that it is a great engine. However, the boat dealer says the Mercury is better and that they have had problems with the ETech. The more I read the more confused I get. Mercury claims their engine is rated 10% over 150. I have heard the same from others using ETech. Can someone help me to clear up this confusion and decide which engine has the best value and least problems?
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Re: Difference between E-Tech and Mercury Pro Xs 150

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Thanks  for stopping by E-NATION and asking for help. That is what we are here for.


The E-TEC 150HO has advantages over the Mercury that make your boating more enjoyable.


The first thing you will notice when you start one up is the instant running as soon as you turn the key. In less than one revolution of the flywheel, you are good to go. The Mercury needs several revolutions of cranking to build up air pressure as its belt driven air compressor pump is not operational at cranking speeds.


The next noticable item is how loud the Mercury is compared to E-TEC. You have probably heard how quiet a 4-stroke engine is, the E-TEC is the same way, barely audible at idle and a pleasant low tone at high speed. This really is an advantage during a day on the water so your ears are not ringing from engine noise after a long run. The Merc is very noisy, especially when running at high throttle settings.


Performance-wise they are pretty close as each puts out close to the upper limit of the 10% allowance for maximum advertised horsepower.


Maintenance is the greatest difference between the motors. The E-TEC has a 3 yr/300 hour dealer service schedule advantage compared to the Merc's 100hr/once-a-year schedule. The Merc has items that you have to buy and change out whereas the E-TEC has non of those expenses. The XS has air filters and alternator and air compressor belts that need inspection or servicing in addtion to normal maintenance that has to be done more frequently. Read an XS owners manual.


If you live in a cold climate, winterizing an E-TEC is an easy and automatic procedure. There is no dealer required winterizing or any long drawn out affair such as with the Mercury. If the weather gets nice during the winter, just drop the boat in the water and go fishing, then activate the automatic winterizing feature when you return. It's that quick and easy.


Until the end of March, if you buy a new E-TEC you will receive a 5 year factory warranty plus FREE stainless steel propeller of  your choice, and all new controls, wiring, GPS, gauges, oil tank, etc. for no cost to you. That is a deal that is hard to resist.


As an E-TEC owner you will also have the opportunity to join The Evinrude Club along with this  having our E-NATION online magazine to use as a reference source for all information relating to your engine. We are here to help you with any type of engine, boating, or fishing question that you may have.


I hope this helped you make a decision and thanks again.






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