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Dissapointed owner

Hi, Im new here and have reluctantly posted to see if anyone has come across a similar issue to our current one and to vent my utter dissapointment for the 2011 115etec I have owned since new.. Sorry if its long..


Issues since new..

5HRS; motor bogging down, running rough.

Dealer re-installed fuel system.


56 HRs; Revs dropping, running rough, motor dies, hard to restart but eventually does. several times.

New ignition coil.


158 HRS; running rough, motor cutting out, required tow home.

New spark plugs


165 HRS; more of the smae issues. got home this time..

300hr service and replaced EMM and lots small parts.


260 HRS; motor dies at low revs, unable to restart NO faults shown, in a very dangerous location, we were lucky to drift out of danger. Required tow home. Started at home after lots trying, (not good idea on my behalf)

Dealer Unable to determine exact cause no fault codes evident. new Spark plugs


280 HRS; motor dies at low revs, unable to start, NO fault shown Required tow home.

Water found in cylinders, corrosion in power head, and air reed valves. 20 HR old plugs completely gummed up.

Stripped motor completely, unable to determine cause of water entry. Dealer has not experienced this problem before. No problem what so ever with fuel or delivery.



As you can see I am a very unhappy owner and cant wait to one day get another brand..

I am not a rich person, I have spent considerable outlay on a new wizz bang product which I hoped I could enjoy my love of fishing /boating with. I am now left with a "motor" which I have absolutely NO trust in, that is worth a fraction of what I paid. I can not afford to upgrade. I have 2 young boys who Id love to experience the joys of boats..

Any help would be appreciated.





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Re: Dissapointed owner

I’m sorry for your loss. I don’t share your sentiment re reliability and Etecs, my experience has been far from what you are describing.