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E-Tec 225 G1 - I think I screwed up with Winter Storage

Last spring I purchased a new Evinrude G1 225hp from a local dealer. I winterized it according to the owners guide.


BUT: After winterizing it (fogging it and allowing the water to drain from the lower unit / gear case), I had to trailer the boat to my local boat yard to have it shrink wrapped for the winter. Naturally I had to trim the engine up to get it over the road. 

I went as far as securing a plastic bag over the prop hub to keep water out of the prop and had the boat shrink wrapped with the engine up. I live on Long Island, NY and although we had a mild winter, we had some cold, freezing temps.


When I reinstalled the batteries and trimmed the engine down, roughly a quart of water came out of the prop and although it was clear water, it concerned me as I thought since the entire prop and hub was covered, there should not have been water present.


Now the questions:


Should I try to run the engine with a gear case style flush attachment?


How can I tell if there is any freeze damage? There is no visual evidence of damage showing on the outside of the lower unit/gear case (ie, no bulging.)


My though was to operate the engine using the flush attachment, then drain the gear case oil to look for water or moisture in the oil before I actually lauched the boat.


Do you think it is a sound call to proceed as outlined? If not can you give me any other suggestions?


Thanks so much for your help.

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Re: E-Tec 225 G1 - I think I screwed up with Winter Storage

You may want to check the gearcase for any water intrusion by sampling a small amount of gear oil from the bottom drain screw. If there is no water present, make sure it is topped off with oil and run the motor on a  flusher, then recheck oil.

Tilted up with a bit of water in the hollow of the gearcase exhaust passage is normally not a problem as the water has room to expand when it freezes.




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Re: E-Tec 225 G1 - I think I screwed up with Winter Storage

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate. I'll give it a try.