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E-Tech G2 250 Tilt Trim not working

The tilt/trim has always worked great on my 2016 Evinrude G2 250 (sn: 5453581) until the afternoon of March 12th. The tilt/trim motor seems like it runs in both directions but the G2 will not tilt in the up nor tilt down direction. Except....

We did get her to tilt when the motor was accelerating and fortunately that helped to trim her up (barely) on the Ranger Z520c trailer at the ramp. Ran the G2 on the trailer and accelerated to where we could trim up enough to set her down on to the trailering latch.

Got it home, replaced the cranking battery thinking it could be the battery since the battery was going bad, it tilted when accelerating, and the cranking battery was not holding a good charge. However, the new battery did not fix the issue.

Online research (not always the best idea) seems to point out it may be low on fluid or there's trash in the check valve. However, I cannot get the fluid reservoir cap off to fill the reservoir. Does anyone know the actual socket size for the fill cap? It's also only a small gap to get a socket on the cap, so it must require a very thin wall socket, yes? 

Haven't tried loosening the release screw yet and figured I'd first see if there was some helpful insight here.

It's under warranty, but unfortunately, the Evinrude dealers that I use are all closed due to the coronavirus – and if I could remedy this issue myself then I could at least go fishing during the period stuck at home because of this virus. Otherwise I can’t even use my boat.

Please help. Thanks to all.

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Re: E-Tech G2 250 Tilt Trim not working

I am having the same trouble. Started out, the engine would not tilt all the way up then it would not work at all. Mine has been at the dealer since February. They installed a new pump and it still does not work. I have tuna in my back yard now and need my boat back if anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appriciated.