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E30 no start

Hello everyone,,

 I have a 6/2011 E30DRSINC tiller steer outboard. I was coming back in to marina when engine died and would not restart with a no spark condition. I have checked main fuse and it has power through fuse. From what I can tell I am missing the 12v signal to purple wire at emm. I have looked through harness and can't find where purple wire begins to get this 12v signal. Everyone is saying key switch, but this tiller steer doesn't have a key switch and there are NO purple wires anywhere in tiller harness. Where do I go from here and please don't say evinrude dealer. I will toss this in the bay and buy a different manufacturer if I get that answer. I have had nothing but problems with this from day 1 and now that it's out of warranty I am stuck with repair bill. I just need a little help finding voltage loss and then maybe I can get back to my cast and blast days before duck season is over. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: E30 no start

Rope start engines generate their "key on" power from the stator during the first rotation of the flywheel. Some diagnosis on these models can be done by observing the indicator lights on the EMM while pulling the starter rope. One good indicator is the lanyard/ stop ok light. Diagnostics beyond that may require connecting the engine to diagnostic software just like is required on all computer controlled outboards or any automobile made since 1990.
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Re: E30 no start



If you are slightly out of warranty, please contact Evinrude After Sales to see if any assistance may be provided. Email them with a brief engine history, serial number, and dealer(s) name(s).




One thing you might check is the neutral safety switch that keeps the motor from starting up if cranked over in gear. The switch could be out of adjustment, sticky, broken, or just come loose.




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