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EMM Problem

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Like many here I was convinced, after reading  about outboard options, that the E-Tec was the best choice for my new boat. The motor is a 2007 115HP engine and it has performed flawlessly until last week. I am not sure how many

hours are on the motor but I would guess not many. I towed the boat to the coast for our families annual week long fishing trip. We were netting shrimp for bait with the engine idling when it quit running. I turned the key and nothing happened.

eventually we had to call someone at 4AM to tow us in.


The next day I pulled the main fuse and when I plugged it back in the starter worked but the motor would not start. I took the boat to a nearby marine service center and they found that an injector had shorted and also shorted the ECM. The

ECM has been sent to Evinrude for repair or replacement. I was warned the repair would be very expensive.


It is amazing to me that we spend $10000 on a motor and after a couple of hundred hours (guess) we have to shell out a lot more to repair it.


I would like to know if Evinrude has updated the ECMs to make them more robust or will this be an ongoing problem?

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Re: ECM Problem

 I sure hope the dealer is not using the term, ECU, no such thing on an E-TEC and any codes for shorted injectors, if not I doubt that is the problem. You do not have wing nuts on the battery do you and you shoudl get them to try and EMM recovery first-I hope they do not ask what is that. BRP doe not repair EMM's and if in fact a new one is neede a trained tech can transfer your info into the new EMM and yes pver the last 7 odd years since your engine was made BRP and the manufacturer of EMM's have learnt alot and prices are really not that bad compared to years ago. Good to check engine and more importantly EMM temps too.

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Re: ECM Problem

Sorry to hear about the EMM and injector problem on your 2007 model. From your description it sounds like the injector had an electrical short that affected the EMM. Neither problem is commonplace. Perhaps you could talk to Evinrude After Sales Support and explain your situation even though the motor is over 7 years old. Have the serial number available and call 262-884-5993




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The factory recommends that a properly trained technician service your Johnson or Evinrude outboard motor. Should you elect to perform repairs yourself, use caution, common sense, and observe safety procedures in the vicinity of flammable liquids, around moving parts, near high-temperature components, and working with electrical or ignition systems.

The information offered here is only general in nature and should not be construed as complete factory approved procedures, techniques, or specifications. Always use the proper service manual for your motor, up-to-date service literature, the correct tools, and have an understanding of how to proceed with troubleshooting and repair methods. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with a procedure, a situation, or a technique, enlist the services of a factory trained technician.

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Re: ECM Problem

Thanks for the replies, No wing nuts and technician tested every thing attached to EMM (thats how he found bad injector). He than replaced the injector and that did not fix so final conclusion was the short in the injector probably caused a diode or something in the EMM to fail.


I did call customer service yesterday and sent them a copy of my bill of sale with model# and serial#. They replied back that the service center would have to contact them on my behalf. I forwarded their reply to the service center.


I hope Evinrude can help me out  on this. They were estimating the EMM at $1400 not counting the injector and their labor! When it is fixed I have to drive 230 miles back to the coast to pick it up.

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Re: ECM Problem

Well the good news is my motor is fixed. Bad news $1778 no help from Evinrude. I have seen posted that Evinrude has a six year warrenty but they said my warrenty expired in 2009 (2007 motor).


It is a shame that a little black box going bad can cost you nearly 20% of motor cost.


I do thank

Marine Service Center - Murrells Inlet


for their quick service.