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Etec 115 Lower Unit Failure

Bought my brand new War Eagle Predator on 4/20, and opted for an Etec 115.  About a month ago, I started noticing a vibration, and thought it might have been something powerhead related.  Talked to dealer, had some friends listen, nobody seemed to think there was an issue.  I admit, I'm somewhat paranoid like that.  It happened whether I was idling, half throttle, full throttle, etc.  Never crossed my mind that it could be the lower unit until Sunday morning.  We were headed up a river to fish right after sunrise.  about 7 mile up, I lost power.  Engine was running, started making a noise like you'll hear sometimes when putting it in gear, but obviously much louder since RPMS were significantly higher.  Raised it up, no prop damage, so I knew I hadn't hit anything. Started to troll back, finally got to a spot where we could get out and check it out.  There's a hole in the side of my lower unit.  One side is bulged a bit with the paint cracking, the other side cracked enough to leak oil.  Looks like a bullet was shot from the inside.  


Dropped it off at the dealership yesterday.  Really hoping they'll get in gear and get it fixed, as I've got 2 bass tournaments coming up that I've already paid my (non refundable) entry fee for.  I've read some other posts and it doesn't seem to be a very common issue unless there's been something hit.  My skeg is scraped a little from my driveway angle, and there's a small scratch on the side of the lower unit and prop where I scraped a rock while checking it out, but it's obvious that none of that could have possibly been the cause.  Anyone experienced a similar issue?  I've searched and searched and haven't run across the same symptom yet.  Waiting on dealer to let me know what they find.