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Etec 200 Just dies then won't restart

Ok....pulling out my "rookie" card.  Just bought a boat with an Etec 200 on it.  Have been out in it about 6-7 times now and it has run great.  Love it.  But here is the turn....last Tuesday we went out and cruised up to a little island we go to and it ran perfectly all the way there...anchored for a few hours...then took off when Florida rains came.  Idled under a bridge for cover for a little bit...then went over to another island.  Decided not to anchor and just head back to marina.  Got up on plane and went about 100 yards and it just quit.  Thought I had pulled the kill switch.  Would not restart...not firing at all.  Got first chance to call BoatUS for a tow.  Figured fuel guage was wrong and we were out of gas.  Next morning went down and filled it up hoping it was going to take near the 100 gallons to fill it up and I would know the guage was wrong.  Only took 71 gallons....so there was still 29 gallons of something in there.  Fired right up after filling it up...took it out for about 30 minutes...ran great.


Fast forward to yesterday.  Went down and had boat put in water.  Went out to island and anchored up again for a couple hours.  When we were ready to leave, started right up...got anchor in....idled about 100 feet and it died.  Started back up and immediately died again.  Then nothing.  BoatUS...come get us again.  haha.  After about 30 minutes waiting decided to try again.  Started up.  Just idled over to channel..then increased throttle a little (maybe 1000 rpm)...called BoatUS and had them stand down....got about 200 yards and it died again.  Tried restarting...and nothing.  just hear the starter turing it over...but not firing.  Called BoatUS to come back.....and now not sure what to even look for.  


First thought is fuel filter.  Seems like it is just not getting gas.  Bulb stays hard...so I know there is gas at least that far and it isn't sucking the line dry.  Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

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Re: Etec 200 Just dies then won't restart

having the same issues with my e-tech 130. just got the boat its a 2013 dargel. been out 3 times and it will run almost all day. but when i stop and fish then try to leave it will turn off about 100 to 200 yards of me leaving. i have yet to find the promblem