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Etec 25 Low rpm problems Intermittent

Looking for Help please


My 2005 25hp Etec has intermittent low RPM problems- Long story short- New plugs, new fuel pump last year, no leeks in fuel lines, tank connection and ball good, correct oil and gas, cylinder compression is fine  - Boat will slowly get up on plane and runs full speed but has no hole shot power anymore, some days it intermittent will not get up on plain and runs at half speed, ( with one person in the boat it does this less with 2 people it does it more but is still intermittent) if you then open the throttle, rpm's don't increase and motor knocks and misses. One day it dropped from full rpm to low rpm but just once. Last time out could not get more than say 1000 rpm out of it. Motor is now at approved dealer, there are no overheat codes, no safe mode codes registered all updates done, the dealer doesn't know what is wrong. When they water tested it it got op to full RPM, They are asking me to come out and drive it until it acts and not to turn it off until they test it. 

They don't think it is the rpm limiter switch and are not willing to start replacing parts (injectors came up) without some direction. 


Anything would help 



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Re: Etec 25 Low rpm problems Intermittent

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You said your motor was a 2005 E-TEC 25hp, which can't be. The 25 E-TEC came out a few years after that date. What is the engine model number?





If the motor is actually an E-TEC did the engine ever have an overheating condition? If so, and it was severe enough, the exhaust tuner megaphone may have melted or deformed which will lower the engine power output. Have your dealer inspect the exhaust tuner per bulletin # No. 2012-03(S)




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Re: Etec 25 Low rpm problems Intermittent

Bluewater Bill 


You are correct, I typed in the wrong year, its a 2009 E-TEC. It does show in the readout history that there was an overheat code well before I purchased the motor but for simplicity sake I only referred to the code history since I bought the motor in my post.

Is it a possibility that there was some initial deformation/damage to the exhaust megaphone during this old overheat that has worsened with use? The engine ran very well for me the first 2 years i owned it. The Off again / On again problem realy has them stumped.  I will have the dealer look into the bulletin as you suggest. 


Thanks  Chris  

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Re: Etec 25 Low rpm problems Intermittent

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Re: Etec 25 Low rpm problems Intermittent

Chris, ask your dealer to look at the wires that run under the throttle body. They can get routed in front of the throttle body shaft during service and the throttle return spring can short the wires at a higher throttle.