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Etec G2 250 HO

Just purchased a new G2 250 HO, currently being installed. I’ve read in several forums about having the motor set up for xd50 oil and running xd100. I mentioned it to the dealer and he was unaware. Said just to run xd100. Can the motor be set up in this fashion? Should it be? Benefits?
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Re: Etec G2 250 HO

The G1 engines had two oil settings, the G2 does not. The G2 manual says that it can use either XD50 or XD100 so basically one could say that the G2 is factory set at the XD50 setting and unchangeable.
The XD100 full synthetic oil is a better lubricant than the XD50 half synthetic blend so XD100 would be preferred.
To put the differences in automotive terms either oil would be good for a daily driver car. In theory the synthetic blend could give a 500,000 mile engine life while the full synthetic might give a 750,000 engine life. If one was racing a car or pulling heavy trailers the the full synthetic would have an advantage.
Back to boats. If your boat has "normal use" the XD50 should give a 3000 hour life. If commercial use, slow speed trolling, pulling heavy loads, or a lot of running wide open then the XD100 would have an advantage.
I believe the XD100 is worth the extra cost in any G2, just for the peace of mind of having the best lubricant available.
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Re: Etec G2 250 HO

XD 100 it is. Thanks for the explanation.
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Re: Etec G2 250 HO



Do not forget that your operators guide states that you have to use XD-100 in freezing weather for proper lubrication.



When operating in conditions under 32°F
(0°C), Evinrude XD100 oil must be used.

The following 2–stroke outboard oils are recommended
for use in your Evinrude E-TEC
G2 outboard:
• Evinrude XD100 Direct Injection Oil
• Evinrude XD50 2–Stroke Oil
• or a synthetic TC-W3 NMMA-certified oil

Evinrude XD100 oil is preferred for your
Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboard. This synthetic
formula oil provides uncompromised lubrication
and superior performance, even in
extreme conditions especially in cold temperatures
down to 0°F (-17°C).




"There is never just one thing wrong with a boat";
                    -- Travis McGee, main character in a book series by John D. McDonald 



The factory recommends that a properly trained technician service your Johnson or Evinrude outboard motor. Should you elect to perform repairs yourself, use caution, common sense, and observe safety procedures in the vicinity of flammable liquids, around moving parts, near high-temperature components, and working with electrical or ignition systems.

The information offered here is only general in nature and should not be construed as complete factory approved procedures, techniques, or specifications. Always use the proper service manual for your motor, up-to-date service literature, the correct tools, and have an understanding of how to proceed with troubleshooting and repair methods. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with a procedure, a situation, or a technique, enlist the services of a factory trained technician.

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Re: Etec G2 250 HO

Understood. The dealer installing the motor is over 3 hours from where I live, so I’ve been researching any settings or changes that need to be made at the dealer before I take delivery. I appreciate y’all’s responses.
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Re: Etec G2 250 HO



I am getting a 250HO thios weekend on my 87 Mako 248.


Anyfeddback on your experiance so far with the motor?

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Re: Etec G2 250 HO

Just cannot see why one would choose to use 50/50 vs 100% synthetic. 

I mean...22k motor...how much oil will you use in a year? Is the diff in cost really worht it???????

I put 300hr / yr on my motor. Had 2500 hrs on my G1 when I sold it and now 300 hrs on my G2 and ALWAYSE used XD100.


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Re: Etec G2 250 HO - Blown Heads

I tried to post this message yesterday and did not see that it posted, if duplicate I apologize.


I am reading all across the G2 facebook group about blown heads on motors with just a few hours to a couple hundred hours on them.


We had same happen to us, 2017, 250 G2 HO, cruising nicely then excessive knock code and into safe mode.  280 hours on motor at time.  Results were blown head, cylinder 4.  Replaced under warranty, just got it back.  Evinrude sent new head, new injector, and added a 2nd oil pump. 


Is the second oil pump the solution to this problem?  I have read about 2nd oil pump being sent to fix other blown heads as well.  We own another exact motor, 2018, 250 G2 HO, 130 hours.  All is fine now but with BRP shutting evinrude down I am already seeing parts on backorder, lack of responsiveness from BRP/Evinrude.


I have done lots of research and it seems that way to many heads are blowing early in the life of the motor. (All HP, all years)  What is causing this, a defect in the motor?  My goal is to protect mine from blowing, is there anything in the history of these failures that is leading to a conclusion. (WOT, oil used, gas octane/ethanol used) I consulted with our mechanic and he says 2k to get ahead of this and add second oil pump now.  This, of course, does not mean the head will not blow again.


Last thing I want is a blown head and my boat sitting for months when I only have a few months before the water freezes again here in Mn.  Any advice or knowledge about this problem would be appreciated.  I am concerned that Evinrude identified the problem and because of the expense of recall they chose to exit the outboard business.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.