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Evinrude OEM Adoption

I was at the Milwaukee boat show and was speaking with several boat dealers; I noticed that Evinrude had pretty low penetration in the market otherwise dominated by Mercury and Yamaha.  In speaking with the dealers, there was a "slow drone" about 4 Stroke vs. 2 Stroke technology..I'm getting good performance so I'm not sure what the big deal is.  I have a G2-200 and love it. I'm curious as to why we're not seeing more adoption of Evinrude if these engines are as good as what I have experienced. What gives?



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Re: Evinrude OEM Adoption

I think the main reason is that Mercury and Yamaha own the transom of many boat companies. And a lot of people do not get excited by an outboard motor whereas we 2 stroke people are loyal to the performance and acceleration that Evinrude allows us to enjoy!

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Re: Evinrude OEM Adoption



You bring up some valid points, and Beerman does too.

Yamaha does not own many transoms like Mercury but they do work deals with boatbuilders to promote their motors.  You may notice that the boating magazines and the online boat tests show remarkable performance and fuel economy numbers with the Evinrude E-TEC G2 engines against the current crop of 4-strokes.


Outboard motors are not like cars where new ones are purchased perhaps every 3 years. It is a slower turnover rate and even though Evinrude products are more advantageous in all categories, it will take time to overtake the sales leaders in the industry.

Ever since the Evinrude E-TEC G2 introduction, sales have increased steadily and the G2 engine family is growing. Expect to see more and more new Evinrudes this upcoming season.




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