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Evinrude PN 584348

I have had to snip off the end of the +ve battery cable. Where it connected to the lug was beginning to wear. I was surprised by the fact that the cable was not tinned.  It had a copper core surrounded by two layers of insulation, one white (inner) one black (outer).  It is a genuine part PN 584348 and still has the manufactures sticker on it. Is this the way it’s supposed to be. Why would Evinrude not manufacture battery cables tinned as standard?  

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Re: Evinrude PN 584348

I would suppose that like in all products there is a cost vs durability factor.
As an Evinrude technician I see many battery cables that are 20 years old with no problems. I have also seen many cables "killed" by poor installation.
Wear on a cable end indicates that your cable end is trying to support the weight of the cables. The cables should be supported/secured near the battery end.
I recently saw a pontoon boat where the batteries were installed under a seat in a non vented compartment, yes, all terminals were corroded. I also see a lot of batteries that are not secured so they slide around trying to drag the cables with them.