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Evinrude gen 2 175hp 100 hours

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I write here just to share my opinion with this engine and to share yours, also I will be really appreciente if you give us some advise at owners with this engine. I have detail information of all my trips photos and details of my last sailings for optimal calculation of numbers of passagers and wheter condition. Also consumation of fuel and oil in different conditions in the Black sea up to 2m. waves, low economy speed of our boat, trolling speed 4 to 8 km./h. and optimal high speed, also high speed. For now one error on 80 C degreese. I-trim works perfectly if you dont touch manual bottom, then just have start again the engine.

Our boat is Mary Fisher 695, with all invertory the leght is about  3 tones, its less but to calculate better. Maximum number of the passagers is 8. with the lugguge lets say 3,5 tones at all.

In the begining we were suprised of the economy of the fuel and the speed and double suprised of the consumation of oil at price about 60 Euro here xt 100 for few going out I have to fill again 1 full bottle to go from 50 % to 100%, capacitty is about 11 l. and more.

Lets start just to imagine consumation of fuel between 9 l. to  18 l. per hour optimal speed  40 km. 45 km. lets say in peacefull sea oil consumation is about 15 ml. per liter in rough wheather 18 to 20 ml. per liter. If you rush more and can't feel speed and moving of the boat you can going double, if I says 500 ml. of hour and more sound unbeаliveble but sad true. In trolling between 1,2 l. to 2 l per hour.
The speed between 20 km. 40-45km. have the same consumation of fuel, in rough sea you have to change the speed level to can keep about 25km. to 30km.

For that now I use this consimation of  mililitеrs oil per liter fuel to sound much better for all. I am able to provide details, if you share your opinion of this type boat with this engine, thanks.