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Flushing / water backing up to computer issues ?

I have a 250hp 2017 etec outboard.  I'm aware when flushing the engine using the port the engine needs to be in the down position. Once flushed it needs to be left in the down position to drain before raising the engine. I was told it needs to drain to avoid water backing up to the computer and causing issues.  I run through this procedure each time I return to the dock, takes time but I beleive it's important.

My question is, when pulling the boat on my trailer or backing the boat into a beach to wade ashore , the motor needs to come up almost immediately due to water depth or boat ramp restrictions. Wouldn't doing so potentially also cause water to backup to the engine computer and causes issues becuse it had no time to drain  ?  Is this water backing up something which is very rare ? is this problem only an issue when the engine is brought up to a complete  horizontal postion ?appreciate thoughts .

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Re: Flushing / water backing up to computer issues ?

The water flushes through the EMM to cool it. It's not going to get "on" the circuitry unless you have leaking hoses and a non-sealed EMM.

The issue is leaving salt water in the passages for an extended period of time, or leaving freshwater in the block when it freezes. Trimming up after running, whether at the beach or on a mud flat to fish, is not an issue so long as the motor is flushed and drained at the end of the day.
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Re: Flushing / water backing up to computer issues ?

The G2 engines had the potential of undrained water in the exhaust housing being able to run into the cylinders IF the engine were tilted too high while flushing or too quickly after shutting the engine off. Note: the G2 engine can tilt up to almost 90 degrees. Tilting an engine enough for a beaching can't make water run into the engine.