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Fuel Line length..??

Hello E-Nation and Fellow Members,


1st time Evinrude owner and 1st time forum poster here.. I just recently bought a 2010 Evinrude ETEC 30hp, rope start, no power trim.. It's mounted on a 1980 14ft MirroCraft Deep Fisherman, aluminum, semi-V hull, boat.. 


Due to wanting to keep as much weight in the front of the boat as possible, I want to put my 3 gallon gas tank in front of the front bench seat (up in the V) and a 9 gallon tank right behind the front bench seat..


My question: How far am I able to run my gas tank hose (with squeeze bulb) to my engine..??  On my tape measure, it'll be (give or take) about 12 feet.. Does anyone see a forseeable problem with that distance..?? Basically----will my engine run with the gas tank 12 feet in front of it, up in the bow..?? (is the engine able to suck gas that far to feed itself..??)


Installing an optional fuel pump is not an option..


Thanks for any advice provided..


Richard William Lord

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Re: Fuel Line length..??

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Hello Richard, and welcome to E-Nation!


Evinrude does not specify a maximum length for fuel hose runs. I have seen fuel hoses longer than 12 feet installed on larger boats with higher horsepower engines. So my initial reaction is it shouldn't be a problem.


If you are really concerned about the hose being too long, talk to your dealer about performing a fuel system vacuum test using the Fuel Vacuum Tester, P/N 390954. This is a simple tool that connects into the fuel tank quick connect fitting, and your fuel hose then connects to the tool.


Evinrude recommends fuel system vacuum NOT exceed 4 in.Hg. (inches mercury). As long as vacuum level is under that spec, you should have no problems.


Hope this helps,


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Re: Fuel Line length..??

Thank you for your input.. Appreciate all the advice I can get..


Talked to an authorized / certified Evinrude repair guy today.. Had towed the boat down to him.. He said no problem with a 12' fuel line run from front of boat (where the tank will be kept) back to the engine.. Use 3/8th" fuel line..


Good news..