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Fuel issues and suggestions

Today I went out and on the way back I had a service engine light and buzzer with reduced power.Ot intermittently went away and I was able to go over 2000 rpm,but it came back and did not push it.
I looked thru the threads and heard water in the fuel is a possible culprit.
I took the spin off fuel filter off my 2015 115 etec and drained it into a clear Gatorade plastic bottle,then spun the filter on and ran it for 20 mins on the muffs.
The service engine light never came on or buzzers sounded.
But I did come back to the plastic bottle that at first showed no sign of water,to find that there maybe was an ounce or 2 on the bottom rolling around.
My question is is it better to drain the fuel and start fresh?having 150+ hours on this filter I do not believe the tiny amount I found to be a fuel tank issue,just the result of ethanol (I use stabil marine 360).
Or should I try to run as much of the tainted fuel(12 gals) out with a water out additive to help the engine burn it,or are the injectors soo sensitive it is not worth even trying it?.
This boat is going on its 4th year with no issues,getting ready to put its first water pump on it.
Any input is helpful.and if you have the p/n for the water pump kit and fuel filter I'll order it from you barnacle bill.thanks guys
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Re: Fuel issues and suggestions

One of the pros will be along shortly to give you some advice.  Hoping all is well with your engine.  Do you have a Racor style filter with the clear viewing bowl / thumb screw in addition to the onboard Etec filter?


This is the first year with a new Etec for me, but with my previous engines I changed my primary and secondary fuel / water seperator filters every year.  It's just cheap insurance.  


I'll most definitely be doing it with the Etec too.

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Re: Fuel issues and suggestions

Chances are there is more water in the fuel tank and it would be best to have a company pump it dry to make sure the water is removed.

If the water was an accumulation of phase-separated E-10 gasolie, the remaining fuel would have less octane than before because 10% of alcohol adds about 3 octane points. If the octane drops below 87 then your motor could suffer problems or damage.

Have your engine's fuel system flushed out also as phase-separated mixtures are very corrosive, especially ot the precision steel parts in the pump and injectors.

To help avoid future problems, install a boat mounted fuel-water separator to help protect more motor. One with a clear bowl, such as the popular Racor style, can show you if water again starts to accumulate in the fuel tank, and this time, before it reaches your motor.




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Re: Fuel issues and suggestions

With only 12 Gallo's of fuel that may be wet, pump or siphon it out. Not worth trying to treat/fix that small amount of fuel. As previously said, on boat filter and change both filters every year at minimum.