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G2 DPS help needed, please



I am in desperate need of some assistance on what to do with my DPS system on my twin G2 225 HO.  Originally the DPS Motor would go into over drive and start activating on its own spooling up ready, there was also a leak.  I have just had the pump replaced and it was working properly when fist fitted six weeks ago, the engines were not fully down when the system worked properly due to the boat being on a trailer.


Once the boat went into the water four weeks later, with no other use, the system became stiff and is not working properly.  The tech thought this was a bleeding issue and then bled the system again whilst in the water, this did not help, there are no faults on the system, the EMM was updated, I am not sure if the ICON3.5 was updated but the EMM report does reflect the setting on the ICON but changing the settings on the ICON does nothing to change the DPS.


The DPS works better under load, ie when the engines are fully tilted and over to one side, the DPS works better but is very jerky, on off, on off, when the engines are down however the DPS harldy engages at all and it is mainly the hydraulic system doing all the work.


I have now been told that I need two new DPS brackets to fix the issue.


Unfortunatly my "dealer" is in Antigua where the boat is, but unknown to me prior to purchasing the engines the actual official Evinrude dealer is in Puerto Rico, hence it is very difficult to get support.  I have to go through several individuals to get a message through and I do not think that i am getting the correct diagnosis or support.  However it seems although under warranty I am have paid US$5,000 to have these repairs done only to find that the DPS worse than ever.


I have attached a very short video of the issue.  Any help would be appreciated.  I thought it might be a bleeding issue or a software compatability issue.  Would a power purge of the system resolve this?




I have been told I cannot use the boat due to the problem.



Any help would be very much appreciated.


Many thanks