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Gas gauge works on and off

I have a 2017 Evinrude G2 ETEC, with about 35 hours.  I have had nothing but problems with the gas gauge always reading as full.  I had it to the shop three times, and it keeps on not working.  The shop also charges me each time I bring it it in.  The motor is under warranty.  I want to bring it back, but I am tired of paying and believe this should be covered by warranty.  If you have any questions please email me at tyeguy2535@comcast.net or call me at 510-557-1011 if anyone has had this problem.  

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Re: Gas gauge works on and off

Sir try to check the fuel sender of your tank i think your fuel sender of tank is stock up and its stay in full position so your engine read as a full.....
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Re: Gas gauge works on and off

If you have a problem with a new Evinrude part used in the installation of your motor, it would be covered by warranty without question

If the fuel level problem is caused by incorrect rigging, installation, or setp, then that should be covered by the installer


If the boat wiring or fuel tank sender is the culprit, that is not an Evinrude warranty situation.




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Re: Gas gauge works on and off

Mine does the samething. I have a 43 gallon tank. It showed 43 gallons still after I rode for 45 mins at 30 mph.


It showed  97 percent full  when I filled up with 17 gallons.


So its not working right.

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Re: Gas gauge works on and off

There are different ways of connecting the fuel sending unit depending on which control, gauges, and equipment the boat is rigged with. All of these diagrams are in the Rigging and SetUp guide.
With any setup the fuel sending unit has to be calibrated for the fuel gauge on the display to work.
The fuel capacity of the tank has to be entered in order for the % fuel to read.